X-Axis Cut off for Scatter Plot


May i know how to display the entire X-axis label or adjust the degree of rotation using settings or custom css for scatter plot? I’m unable to find the setting option that allows adjustment of tick sizes.

Please advise, thank you. :slight_smile:

@esther in the newer versions of arcadia (5.x) there’s a a setting that controls the axis padding, refer to screenshot below. It should help address what you are seeing.


Hi Shaun,

I was referring to the x-axis label being cut off (e.g. “Partially Ineff…”). I’m using ver 4.4 now.

Thank you!

@esther you can refer to this setting:

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Hi Shawn,

Thanks for the response. However, i’m using Scatter Visual and it seems that the tick length setting is not available for the visual.