Workaround for choosing custom colors (palettes) per metric in a Combo Chart

Issue: The default behavior for a Combo bar/line chart today doesn’t allow for granular control of certain colors in a color palette, which makes it difficult to choose specific colors for certain metrics in your chart.

There’s a planned enhancement to resolve this, but for now using the workaround mentioned below will work.

Workaround: Create a custom color palette for your chart, choosing a color for each metric and ordering the colors by the order of your metrics in the chart.

Step 1: Create your chart and order your metrics as desired.

Below I have an example multi-line Combo chart I’ve created with 2 different axises. My metrics are ordered by Total Sales, Total Profit, and Total Qty. This is the order in which I need to select my colors in the next step.

Step 2: Create a Custom Color palette

First, select the Custom Colors option under the Settings menu, and click “New Custom Color”


Second, choose the colors you want to use for each metric. You should choose these colors in terms of how your metrics are ordered in your Visual. In my example, I need to pick my Total Sales color first (light orange), then Total Profit (light green), and finally Total Qty (light grey).

Step 3: Re-open your Visual and choose your new Custom color palette

Now your Visual should be updated and reflect the specific colors you’ve chosen for each metric.

If for some reason the colors are not in the order you expected, you can also re-order or choose different colors by going back to your Custom color palette.


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