Word Cloud not showing right result

Hi, would like to understand how Word Cloud visual is displaying the words as the sizes of the word does not correspond to the measure (# INC) used as shown in example below.

Word - ‘NAME’, count = 5 is so much bigger than Word - ‘NSROOT’, count = 17


@esther this appears to be a bug of some sort. The words and their size relative to each other when displayed are correct, but what I’m seeing that is misleading is that we’re displaying one of the actual dimension values (i.e. AppDynamics_GFTS…) for each tokenized word with the Record Count (or whatever metric you’re using) grouped by that specific dimension value inside the tooltip. For example, that “AppDynamics_GFTS…” value likely appears 17 times in your data if you were to run another query.

I think ideally we would want to display the tokenized word (i.e. NSROOT) and the number of times that word appeared within that column. Is that what you were expecting?

Hi Tadd, yes I’m expecting the size of the word cloud to correspond to the number of times the word/value appears in the dataset. Are there any resolution to fix this bug?

There’s a fix currently in progress for this bug, but I don’t have a release ETA yet.

@esther this is fixed as of AE 5.1.4.