Where to find logs for SQL server connection?

I can see logs for ArcEngine connection under activity page, arcengine logs tab.
But when we use SQL server connection and get any errors, where can we see logs for that SQL connection?

@tpsvohra the arcviz.INFO log (Webserver Logs in the Arcadia Activity Log page) will you give you information related to SQL server connectivity issues. We don’t have dedicated logs for external connectors like SQL server.


If needed you can also turn on additional DEBUG logging like this temporarily for Arcadia:

Thanks Tadd.
We saw that tab, but were not sure if it will show all error logs.
Will give it a try.

@tpsvohra you should also request your SQL server DBA for additional logs. Ultimately Arcadia will connect & send queries to SQL server. So additional logs will be found on the actual SQL server host machine that might not be sent back to Arcadia system.

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Thanks for further clarification Shaun.

HI Shaun,

we have a situation, where we have recorded the steps of logging into Arcadia, accessing the dashboard and logging out of Arcadia. These steps ate been incorporated in load runner. Now when we execute the script via load runner, through script we can see the set of actions repeating but when comes to Arcadia, we can see those user entries in web server log but not in activity log.

can you please let us know what could be the reason why those entries are not getting updated in activity log.

Kindly help us.

@Purnesh In the webserver logs do you see the connection being established, actual SQL queries executed, and results returned.

Simply loading end-points via loadrunner will not necessarily execute all the Javascript logic required, which a normal browser like Chrome would execute. You would have to emulate a true browser to get proper loading of the dashboards.

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