What's action in Analyitcal view if adding column in base table

If Hive base table added one more column, how can analytical view got refreshed except drop analytical view and recreate?

@astrid if the Hive table has a column added to it, it will not negatively impact Analytical Views if they’re tied to that same table. If you would like to include that new column in the Analytical View you will need drop and recreate the Analytical View from scratch.

Hi taddwood,

Thanks a lot for your update, I have one more question, currently in our environment, Arcadia shell is not used any more, beeline with arcadia principal is used instead, I find that after refresh Analytical view command finished, it gives no return messages, even if AV refresh failed, how can return message been displayed to notify user the AV refresh status? Thanks a lot

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@Astrid arcadia-shell is preferred, but this issue is likely due to beeline not parsing the output properly when using the hive2 driver instead of the impala driver. See this post for more information on this issue: