We locked your account because you made 5 failed login attempts. You can try again after some time, or contact your administrator

On too many failed attempts the arcadia visualization server will lockout the user.

Default lockout period is ~20min
Default failed attempts is 5

The viz server can be adjusted with various default settings for the lockout feature. Please refer to our online documentation for specifics on setting defaults & unlocking:


Unlock by using the “arcviz” utility shown here:

$ ./arcviz axes_reset_user <username>
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This is what I get when I run the command:

$ cd /opt/arcadia/lib/arcviz/
$ ./arcviz axes_reset_user usera
Unknown command: ‘axes_reset_user’

This is in Arcadia 5.0 (but I remember seeing it on 4.2, or 4.5… Don’t remember which :P)

@fernie similar issue has been reported and being looked. Will update steps if required once we finish investigating. Thanks.

Hello sir!
Any updates on this issue @shaun?

@fernie this was identified as a bug and being fixed in our next release. Thanks