Visualizing KSQL aggregate tables

I’ve been searching through the available docs but so far have not seen any reference to visualizations off of KSQL aggregate tables ( vs streams ) in Arcadia. The behavior I would expect is that you would be able to show only the latest value for a particular key, but what I am seeing in practice is that it is treating it as a stream and showing every update separately. In addition, I would expect the ability to be able to mark a particular column as already being an aggregate… but instead it is trying to force me to apply additional aggregation formulas even though this is being done in the ksql layer.

A proper description for how to create a visualization from a KSQL aggregate table would be extremely clarifying.


@josharenberg this post might be helpful as it discusses visualizing a tumbling window aggregate

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@shaun thanks, that’s a good article.
It mentions that “you have to manually apply “agg” function to the measure”. I can’t see any way to do this in the current version… do you know how this is done?

@josharenberg you should be able to manually type the custom expression for the measure, as shown in the post.