Using time series data to create drill paths into your raw data

Use-case: I have event logs that are stored into time series partitions, and I would like to aggregate my events over time, and then drill into a certain timeframe and explore the individual logs within that timeframe.


You can accomplish this by having a separate time series chart, and detail table.

Step 1: Construct a time series visual (i.e. bar chart, line chart) that will display the total number of events based on the time interval you’re interested (i.e. by month, day, hour, etc.)

Within your time series visual you will need to enable “Show a selection brush”, which can be found by going to “Settings” and then clicking on the “Marks” tab.

Step 2: Construct a table visual that will provide column details you’re interested in from each of your event logs.

Step 3: After you’ve plotted your data over a time series, you can select segments of that data to filter other visuals on your dashboard:

Step 4: Once you’ve selected your time segment your table visual will update to show only the detailed event logs that are within that timeframe:

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