Total of % in Cross Table is incorrect

I have column A, B and C in the cross table. Column C is calculated as A/B and shows in % format. I enable the option of “Show column totals” in Settings. The total of column C is expected to be calculated as (total of column A/total of column B). However the embedded column total of C(%) is calculated as the sum of all rows in the column, which is incorrect. Any way to have correct totals on % columns?

@Clare what does the % total calculate to? Can you share a screenshot so its easier to understand the issue you’re seeing?


@taddwood Take this screenshot as an example. The YoY% of Sep, 2019 is calculated as (Const Actual ENR of Sep 2019 - Const Actual ENR of Sep, 2018)/(Const $ Actual ENR of Sep, 2018). Same calculation should apply to the Total of YoY%, which should be (66.1B-69.9B)/69.9B=-5%. However, Arcadia calculates the Total of YoY% of Sep 2019 is to sum up all row values: 3%+(-28%)+4%=-22%, which is incorrect. Now we have to use a separate table just to show the totals but end users are not satisfied. Any other solutions?

@taddwood Any update on this? Basically, if I have a calculated column for %, the calculation is not applied to the Total, which causing the wrong total of %.

@Clare there’s an enhancement request already for this issue, but there’s no timeline on when that would be available in the product.

Hi Taddwood , I know there is an enhancement request . Is there any updates on this. Client has noticed this issue and we are trying to find an alternate solution.
Is there a way to put the custom javascript code for the particular dashboard where the positional value of td can be overwritten.
Thank you again.

@shaun, @taddwood - any updates