To show all value on X Axis

When there are many data on axis which all of them are plot on the line chart but not on the axis. Only way to see on the X-Axis is reduce number of objects to be shown on the x-axis but we want to show. Can we enable X Axis to shows all value or have the scroll bar in order to make chart bigger.
Here is an example. Our date is every 15 minutes but X Axis shows only hour value.


There’s a setting you can turn off to make the X-axis non-continuous (Go to Settings, then Axes):


If you turn off this setting your chart will go from a continuous x-axis:

To a categorical x-axis where there’s a tick mark for each of your dates at the 15 minute mark:

The only downside to turning this option off is that you x-axis may be too closely bunched with date values that it could be difficult to read.

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Tadd Wood

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Thank you very much. It works for time as asked in the question but if X Axis is other object like name, this option does not work. As chart try to squeeze everything on the axe. No way to use scroll bar, right?

If using categorical values, our recommendation is to use bar chart, where you can control the bar width which will allow you to show all x-axis labels.

Here you see there are some states that do not appear:

But by modifying the “Bar size range” setting on the right - we can force all labels to appear with scroll bar now:

Hope that helps.

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