Time hierarchy example - drilling up & down to see details of time series data

Hierarchies in particular along time can be helpful when analyzing time series data.

Read more here about how to setup dimension hierarchies in datasets:

Once setup, you can use hierarchy dimensions in the visual shelves.
Note: that hierarchies are supported in subset of visuals specifically bar and line charts.

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Hi Shaun,
are there issues if we using hierarchy in the logical dataset (relationship across multiple datasources)


@AGOSTINO_PADULA If the hierarchy is defined in the dataset then it will work for any visual built from that dataset. A dataset can be defined as single or multiple joined tables.

Hope that helps.

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@shaun I confirm that if I using a dataset with multiple datasource I cannot to add calculated fields and if I create hierarchy not working. Do you have any idea about it? Thanks :slight_smile:

@AGOSTINO_PADULA what connection are you using? arcadia? hive? impala? other?

I using hive connection

@AGOSTINO_PADULA That usually means there’s an error with the expression potentially.

  1. Can you check the Hive logs to check for any errors?

  2. You can also check the arcadia activity log , and look at the SQL (last column shown here):

Hi @shaun I am using a line chart which has time in the x-axis and a hierarchy in the Colors shelf. I would like to go up and down the hierarchy while also filtering the data for a selected value in the hierarchy. For example, if the hierarchy is Region-Country-State, then clicking on North America (value of the region) should do - 1. Drill-down to countries in North America and show 3 lines for Canada, US and Mexico.
Presently I can go up or down a level on this hierarchy but cannot filter.
Any help will be appreciated.