Specifying Custom Intervals while Scheduling the JOB


My observation is that a user with dataadmin access is not able to choose/pick a desired date while scheduling the dashboard to send an email. Only Sysadmins are able to do that and it creats a lot of dependency on sysadmins.
Is there a way to provide access to dataadmin role?

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@Ganesh When sending emails normal users can select from pre-defined set of time-slots / intervals (they could be daily @ 8am, weekly, etc).

However, in order to define custom time-slots / schedule intervals you need special privileges. Specifically you will need “Manage jobs , email templates” RBAC privilege as shown below.

You can add the below privilege to your data admins role, and they should be able to create their own custom schedule interval.


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Thank you @shaun, I will check with my sysadmins and get back if any queries.