Specify Filter in Natural Language Search


I want to display a pie chart of unique count of issue id by Region and with open status and current period as filters, as shown below:

However, the current search terms are displaying ‘open status’ in colour shelf and hence unable to display visual as pie.


Kindly advise on how i can modify my search terms to get desired result.

Thank you.

@esther if you click the icon that looks like 3 stars (see below), you should be able to select the Pie chart visual type. Can you tell me which version of Arcadia you’re currently using as well?

Screen Shot 2020-02-11 at 9.15.11 AM

Hi, the pie visual not shown in the visual options. When i hover over ‘pie’ word, it specifies that the visual is not available for query.

I’m using Arcadia Enterpise 5.1.3.

@esther this looks to be a bug based on some testing I’ve done. You could try to represent it as a bar like I’ve done here (see below). Also the charts that are developed when using Search will be basic so if you’re looking for more customizability I would suggest using Search as a starting point, and then clicking the “+” icon to add this visual to an existing or new Dashboard, which will then allow you to make the Pie chart and further customize things like color palette, formatting ,etc.