Snapshot, Thumbnail, and PDF RPM Dependencies

When enabling Snapshots, Thumbnails, PDFs, and embedded images in Emails, its critical to ensure these dependencies are installed (if not already done automatically during the deployment):

sudo yum install fontconfig freetype xorg-x11-font-utils urw-fonts

On Red Hat 7.1 (RHEL7) installs, you’ll also want to make sure these dependencies are installed as well to take advantage of the some of the custom PDF printing features that are enabled using headless Chromium:

yum install epel-release
yum install chromium-headless google-noto-sans-fonts google-noto-serif-fonts

If you still experience issues or see errors indicating that a dependency is still missing for Thumbnails, Snapshots, or PDFs after performing the above steps then its also worth installing this library as well:

yum install libjpeg

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