Simple query based prompt

If we have a prompt/filter showing user names but want to only display those users in that table who have expiry flag value=0 (based on a field on that table).
We know how to do it by adding a custom attribute and then adding a new filter/prompt, but can we put this query condition inside an existing prompt without creating a new attribute?

@tpsvohra currently we don’t allow adding conditions directly to the filter widget/prompt out of the box. So your approach of creating a new calculated column is correct.

You could use cascading filters as explained here:

So you have two filter prompts:

  1. expiry flag
  2. user names

Then you connect users filter to the expiry filter. This way you can choose expiry=0 on (1) which would filter down the values in (2).

A third approach, would be to use a custom style/extension.

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Thanks for the suggestions Shaun.
We were thinking of more complex scenarios and used user/flag as an example:-)
We will try calculated fields for now.