Showing values in filter widgets that only match certain substrings or patterns


I have a field with thousands of values and only want to display values in the Filter Widget that match a certain portion of the value.


For example, let’s take a field called “region” that has 8 values.


Ultimately I would like to only show regions in the Filter Widget that start with “O”:


Example Walkthrough:

Step 1: Create a cloned field with the substring evaluation logic (i.e. region_substring_check)


In the Expression editor, evaluate your substring logic such that if there is a match that you display the value of the region (in this case), and if not display a blank value instead.

Make sure to Apply changes and Save the Dataset before going back to your Dashboard.

Step 2: Add new “region_substring_check” field as a Filter Widget to the Dashboard:


Step 3: Select any value that matched the substring logic, and the Visuals should update to include only records matching those values:


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