Showing overlapping buckets / segments of user visits in single bar chart

We have a table that each row represents a visit hit (page view or event) abd we have corresponding visitor ID for each hit. I categorized each hit as ‘last 1 month’, ‘last 3 months’, ‘last 12 months’ etc. based on when each hit has happened compared to now (if 20 days ago, then it is L1M and also L3M and L12M but if it is 70 days ago then it is L3M and L12M but not L1M).

Now I want to show how many unique visitors in each category of L1M, L3M, L12M.

usually one user is under multiple category, if she visited in L1M then that means she has visited in L3M by default. They are not mutually exclusive. I need to ensure she is counted in both L1M and L3M etc.

Segment feature is one approach - more info here:

For each bucket L1, L2, etc you can create an associated segment like this:

Then you have as many segments as you need for each bucket:

Then you can use these segments in the visual builder:

The segments can be made dynamic as well using parameters:

Here we have defined 2 overlapping time periods as previous 4, 8, and 12 weeks.

Then using those segments in crosstab :

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