Show detailed data do not work with expansion rows in table visual

Hi, I’m unable to drilldown to detailed data for tables with expansion column. Please help to escalate and address this issue at the soonest, business is awaiting for solution in production.

Please see screenshots below:
Step1: Click on ‘Risk Level 2’ expansion column and ‘Show Detailed Data’:

Detailed Data tab is showing following error:
Could not load data
error: (HY000, None) AnalysisException: Syntax error in line 15: …risk_level_2` in (Product Design Risk)) ^ Encountered: IDENTIFIER Expected: AND, BETWEEN, DIV, IGNORE, HAVING, ILIKE, IN, IREGEXP, IS, LIKE, LIMIT, NOT, OFFSET, OR, ORDER, RANGE, REGEXP, RLIKE, ROWS, UNION, MEASURES, COMMA CAUSED BY: Exception: Syntax error

This is because in the Risk Level 2 filter, the selection is not in quotation marks. Risk Level 1 (without expansion) is working fine.

Please kindly confirm if this is a bug & provide an resolution, thank you.

@esther this has been noted and a fix is being prioritized soon. You can follow-up internally for an ETA on this.