Send filter value from one dashboard to another dashboard


In my scenario I have two dashboards, first dashboard has filter and viz with a url link on a row value ,which would help to navigate/jump to another dashboard. Option I was looking to pass the filter values to viz in second dashboard. Could you please help me with the solution or suggestions.
Both the dashboards are using the same dataset, have enabled filter in dataset scope but no luck.

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@Ganesh you will have to build the filter values (parameters) into the URL link you have in the first dashboard.

Refer to this thread:

So for example let’s say I have a multi-select filter in my dashboard called “order_priority” then I would create a calculated URL link using an expression like this:

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Hi Shaun,

I tried the single value solution and it works but for multiple selection, I’m trying the solution suggested but I’m getting the following output

Origin Dashboard parameters

concat(“https://… /arc/apps/appgroup/441?initialapp=15623&sheet=1&”,"<<>>")
https://…/arc/apps/appgroup/441?initialapp=15623&sheet=1¶, ,

I also tried not using the quotes around the parameter and it shows some values but they are all concatenated so the link doesn’t work, actually the parameter seems to not pass at all to the destination dashboard.

concat(“https://… /arc/apps/appgroup/441?initialapp=15623&sheet=1&”,<<>>)

Destination Dashboard parameters:

Is there something I’m missing? or any walkaround?

Thank you!!