Send dimension along with selected measure in drill down visual


I have a table with 1 dimension and 4 measures. On click of single cell from this parent table I want to send dimension and only the selected measure. I do not want to send other 3 measures.
I am able to capture single measure but, not able to capture dimension along with it. I need this dimension (in this case, App name) as filter condition in child table.
Attaching the snapshot of parent visual.

Selected measure is “Tickets Closed by C”. I am unable to capture the “App name” for this. I do not want to send all parameters (i.e. Tickets Closed by A, B and D) in this case as the certain filter logic is dependent on the same.

Over all in the drill down visual, the output needed is the “ticket-numbers” of the selected 8 "Ticckets closed by C’ for the App Name - “3rd Party Info Security Assessment Questionnare”.

Please advice.