Select latest month in visual filter

I have a visual which has 12 months data as its underlying table which gets updated every month with a new month. I am trying to configure the visual to show the latest month, something like reportnig_month = max(reporting_month) in the filter expression. please note that the latest month may not be current month or an immediate previous month

Something as below in filter condition should work for you.

Preformatted textreporting_month = max(month(some_date))Preformatted text

the max function does not work in a filter condition of a visual which is aggregating data
Example - data contains 1000 rows with dates ranging Mar2018 - Jun2019. the filter should ideally show rows with only Jun2019 data. thre objective is to automate the dashboard so that when Jul2019 data is added to the table, the visuals show Jul2019 information.

@souradeepd this requires Sub-SELECT statement in the WHERE clause, such as this:

SELECT * FROM sales_table WHERE  reporting_month in (
      SELECT max(reporting_month) FROM  sales_table

To do this in Arcadia you have two options:

  1. Either create a logical view with this definition
  2. Or create dataset from SQL with the definition