Search terms cheatsheet for Visual types in Arcadia Natural Language Search

When writing Search queries in Arcadia you can specify the type of chart at the end of the search phrase (i.e. combo) to further customize your analysis:

Below is a list of the matching search terms for each Visual type in Arcadia that is supported with Search. You can also type in plurals of these search terms and they will also match (i.e. bars, lines, bubbles, etc.) (See our documentation for more information on supported Search Visual types)

Table = table, data
Cross Tabulation = crosstab
Bar = bar
Lines = line
Combo = combo, combined
Areas = area
Grouped Bars = grouped bar, groupedbar
KPI = kpi
Gauge = gauge
Bullet = bullet
Packed Bubbles = packed bubble, bubble
Scatter = scatter
Pie = pie
Radial = radial
Chord = chord
Network = network
Dendrogram = dendrogram
Treemap = tree map, treemap
Correlation Heatmap = correlation heatmap, heatmap
Map = map
Interactive Map = interactive map, leaflet
Sparklines = sparkline

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