Render a Visual based on value selection

Dear Team,

I would like to check the feasibility of rendering a visual based up on value selection.
Let say I have a two button kind of option at top of the visual1 & visual 2 as Region and City.
When user selects Region then the visual1 should render/display and when user selects city then visual2 should display.

I could have go with App, but thing is that with in the same dashboard we do have other visuals which render by default.
Kindly help how to achieve this in Arcadia 5v.
Below is the expected output example.

Thank you,

Hi Team,

I have a similar requirement. It would be helpful if someone can provide a solution.

Thank you.

@Ganesh @Karthik the below post covers how to use Custom Filters to dynamically pass in aggregation expression to toggle Visuals to show different calculations. You can use this same pattern to dynamically pass in Dimensions from a Custom Filter. Let me know if that make sense.