Ranger Authorization Errors from Arcadia - User '<username>' does not have privileges to execute 'SELECT' on:

When seeing a "User 'username' does not have privileges to execute 'SELECT' on: " error when selecting databases and tables from Arcadia, there’s usually two possible explanations:

(1). The user being impersonated does not have SELECT privileges on the table being referenced in the Dashboard (from the underlying Dataset).

(2). The Ranger configuration for the “arcadia” service user was not set-up properly.

In the case of (2), its worth reading this walkthrough of how to set-up Ranger with Arcadia to ensure that no steps are missing with respect to adding the “arcadia” user to the Hive repo configurations as well as the main Hive policy dictating access to databases and tables and the main HDFS policy dictating access to file paths.