Python integration with Arcadia Data

I have one generic question on Python integration with Arcadia, how Python can integrate with Arcadia Data and what type of tasks can achieve by doing that?

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@Ganesh There are two primary APIs that are supported in Arcadia currently, links with more info can be found below:

  1. Admin API Is it possible to create objects from the backend?
  2. Data API Data API example using SOAP UI
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Thank you shaun!!, somewhere I red that Data API solution should use only summary level kind of datasets, Is that true?


@Ganesh The Data API is going to the visualization server, and ideally we use that for summary style reporting.

If you want to extract large data dumps I would recommend going to the arcadia “engine” directly using HS2 ODBC/JDBC driver like the one for Impala. Data authorization/security will still kick in.

For example if you beeline to arcengine you are now using the arcengine to process & extract data instead of relying on the visualization server.
It would be similar to connecting a 3rd party BI tool to Arcadia: Analytical Views Accessing from other Reporting tools

Hope that helps clarify.