[Piechart & Table] Filter data on click

Hi guys

I have this piechart:


And i want to filter this table:

After I click on the red side of the pie chart, it would filter my table to “232%” (because it is > 1.10).

How can I do this?

Thank you

@Georgio it looks like you’re evaluating a field to get a True or False value in the pie chart. If you can repeat that calculation on the table in the Filter shelf (i.e. [ia] > = 1.10 ) and then evaluate it against the “True” value coming from the “ia >= 1.10” parameter in your first Visual then it should only show the matching rows. For example something like this would work:

([ia] >= 1.10) = <<ia >= 1.10:>>

You may also want to give your “ia >= 1.10” calculation an alias if you get any errors while referencing it within the parameter syntax (<< >>).

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Hi tadd - could you give me more details please? Your example is not working. I have ten piecharts (IA was just an example). So i have to add your example ten times in my filter shelf?
Thank you

@Georgio yes, you have to add the custom filter expression to each pie chart.