Oracle Connections fail with ORA-00942 error

If you are setting up an Oracle connection after following the instructions found in the Arcadia documentation and you see an ORA-00942 error, do the following -

Via a shell connection to the arcviz server:

  • cd /var/log/arcadia
  • View the arcviz.INFO file.
  • Search for ‘dba_tables’
  • You should see a SELECT statement that is trying to reach the dba_tables with a UNION to dba_views.
  • If you see this SQL - then the error is not communications related but a permissions issue.

The fix is to have the proper permissions granted to the user ID being used in the connection to Oracle. They will need SELECT permission to the dba_tables and dba_views tables. Once these are granted, then the connection to Oracle will function properly.

Thanks Mike exactly what I wanted to create. Very helpful.