Option to choose required fields while downloading Detail Data

When we download detail data from a visual, data is downloaded with all of the fields which are in my dataset. But if user is interested in only in few fields. How do I select that required fields detail data to be download from a visual.

@Ganesh Currently the “detail data” doesn’t support choosing only specific columns to download

A different approach is you leverage click behavior and provide the user with separate tabular visual which allows drilling down from the main visual.

The drill down table visual will give you full control over what dimensions you want the user to download.

See below example:

@shaun, Thank you for your reply… click behavior would work if we are interested at few of the string fields, but some cases we may need transaction level fields like account#/transaction ID etc and visual won’t looks good if I keep such data with in it. Any other suggestion.

@Ganesh you can put the tabular visual in a separate view/dashboard and use the “Navigate to dashboard” feature. See example setup below of how it would work:

This would keep you bar / line chart dashboard clean. While the detail drill down can appear as a completely separate view.


This helps thank you!! but I would like to check if there is any away that we can rename the “Navigate to :id” with some meaning full name and can we set more than one “Navigate to Dashboard” from one chart?


@Ganesh currently we support only one Navigate to: ID per chart.