On HDP Hortonworks cannot restart arcadia throwing error -- /var/run/arcadia/arcengined.pid: No such file or directory

From time to time, Ambari might lose track of the Arcadia process and does not correctly kill or restart the service, resulting in the below error.

ExecutionFailed: Execution of ‘nohup /opt/arcadia/bin/arcengined -beeswax_port=31100 -be_port=30131 -hs2_port=31050 -max_log_files=10 -abort_on_config_error=false -log_dir=/var/log/arcadia -webserver_port=30136 -state_store_host=slc-hdadm-106.corp.com -statestore_subscriber_timeout_seconds=30 -state_store_subscriber_port=30132 -llama_callback_port=30138 -max_result_cache_size=100000 -abort_on_failed_audit_event=false -max_lineage_log_file_size=5000 -enable_rm=false -disable_admission_control=true -disk_spill_encryption=false -lineage_event_log_dir=/var/log/arcadia/lineage -catalog_service_host=slc-hdadm-106.corp.com -default_query_options=“appx_count_distinct=false,batch_size=2048,exec_single_node_rows_threshold=128000” -webserver_port=35000 -mem_limit=80% -max_profile_log_files=0 -v=1 -state_store_port=30134 -catalog_service_port=30137 > /dev/null 2>&1 & echo $! > /var/run/arcadia/arcengined.pid’ returned 1. -bash: /var/run/arcadia/arcengined.pid: No such file or directory


On host you check to see if there’s an arcengine process? something like:

ps aux | grep arcengine
  1. Kill all arcengine process on that host
  2. Make sure ambari is also showing the process has stopped
  3. Confirm that the arcadia run directory exists and has proper permissions: /var/run/arcadia/

Then try to bring up through ambari again.

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