Obtain Arcadia Roles & Dashboard Utilization Reports

Hi, please guide help to obtain the following admin information:

  1. Obtain the user roles for each connection (e.g. which user has data admin/analyst/viewer roles)
  2. Individual dashboard utilization metrics:
  • how many times dashboards were viewed
  • how many times dashboards were edited
  • who viewed/edited the dashboard
  • concurrent usage / time

Thank you.

Hi, any response to this?

@esther there are API endpoint you can use to fetch User/Role membership if you have those administrative prilvleges. I believe your team already has this documented if you ask around internally.

The individual Dashboard metrics can be gathered from the querylog.log files (located on the Arcadia Visualization Server). This data is what appears in the Activity Log page inside the Arcadia UI if you have access to that. These logs track “who did what, and when” across Dashboards and other objects in Arcadia, including views, creations, updates, and deletions.

Hi Tadd, thank you. We managed to obtain the querylog.log but have the questions below. Seek your kind attention to answer them. Thank you.

  1. Querylog file contains “app” field but there is no field for dashboard. Does “app” represent dashboard?
  2. How can we get metadata details for the objects in Arcadia? e.g Name of data connection, dataset, app instead of just IDs
  3. Can we have the data dictionary for the fields – Action, Component Type, Query State, Process Id
  4. For records with component_type=1, under what circumstances would there be activity recorded for the below cases:
    a. App is null & visual is not null
    b. App is null & visual is null (there is query and runtime values)
    c. App is not null & visual is null (there is query and runtime values)
    d. App not null & visual not null
  5. Do all actions go through a particular query state flow e.g 1->2?
    a. Most actions go from query state 1 to 2 but some only has record for query state 1 –why?
  6. Which timezone is “ts” field in?
  7. Under what circumstances would username be null?
  8. Why do some queries starting with “/* widget=1080, app=1086, ds=357 */……” and some do not?
  9. What does rewrite, sync, process id and dataconnection_fbid fields mean?