Not all "Custom Dateranges" are shown + possible Bug


we use Arcadia 5.0, tried this tutorial Custom Date ranges - Date Filter widgets and now have the following error:

  1. Some Custom Ranges are missing in the App…?!
  2. The Window to select the Date hides behind the Background…?

You can see these problems here:

Can we do anything to avoid this?

Thank you very much

@viktor thanks for bringing this up. It looks like a bug which we will fix in our next release.

For now, one option you can explore is moving the date filter more to the left to avoid hitting the edge of the page. You can simply click&hold on the filter widget and drag it to left.

Thanks for the quick reply @shaun

Additional information regarding 1): All ranges seem to work fine while editing the dashboard, but once you go into view a few disappear

Re: Some ranges not appearing in view mode

  • this is expected because in view mode we only show date ranges that are available in the actual data. So if the underlying data in the tables only has information for last week we will not show ranges for last year.