No Save Expression in postgres connection Arcadia

There is no save expression for subquery for postgres connection for Arcadia I am not sure it is relevant but on the same platform I can see ‘save expression’ for spark connection.
Please advise if we want to use subquery for postgres connection what could be the way.
Thank you very much.

@Stima_Livingpresent certain connection types we do not support save as subquery option. In those cases, you can create table views directly in the source system.

Here’s example of how to create views in postgres:

Once you have put your subquery in the view, you can access that view through Arcadia’s UI to create data and ultimately visuals.

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Thanks. But can we use SQL button to create temp table?
For example we need a portion of data from date filter, this portion will be in temp table, then we want to create KPI over that period then use aggregated kpi for thresholding.

CREATE TEMP TABLE BH_DL AS SELECT TA_0.hour FROM “default”.“mytable” 'TA_0
WHERE TA_0.rank =1

Thank you very much.

Thank you very much.

@Stima_Livingpresent Yes, using the SQL visual type you actually want to create Dataset from SQL. That you can then use to build visuals / dashboards.

And then you can always edit the SQL as necessary in the dataset details page as shown here: