Network Map and coloring

I am trying to create connected network but seem not possible with default. Here is example data.

Point 1 Point 2
John Mary
Mary Jane
Mary Ted
John Elisa
Elisa Mark
Mark Patty

From the data, a chained connection is needed like

Node 1 Node 2 Node 3
John Mary Jane
John Mary Ted
John Elisa Mark

I could not find graph type that can automatically do this automatically.
Unless we need to prepare outside as a dataframe and show as table.
Please advise
Thank you very much.


I am not sure if you have tried using the network graph visual but this is the setup you want to use:

Notice that there’s an option called “Source & target node data come from the same base values.” If you check that option then you will get the chained connection you were referring to, as shown below:

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Thank you very much. Very useful. I have tried sometimes ago but it did not work. Now works perfectly. Thanks!