Nested logical view or analytical view

Is it possible to create nested logical views or nested analytical views as stated below

  1. A single analytical view containing more than one logical view
  2. A logical view containing more than one logical view

Want to abstract a complex query involving unions and joins under a single analytical view while also addressing the performance aspect so that analtical view refresh does not result in memory limit exception.

This seems to be possible, was able to create logical views on top of analytical views and vice versa.


@srivatsan.nallazhaga you would create the Logical View with your complex data model, and then create an Analytical View that’s tied to that Logical View. Analytical Views are flat tables, but they can be generated based on other more complex structures as long as there’s a single pointer (i.e. a Table or Logical View) to that structure. The Analytical Views just contain the combination of dimensions and measures used in your queries on top of the Logical View.