Navigating to another dashboard with cascading filters throws error

Hi Shaun,

As part of my requirement ,I have added a custom code in order to navigate from one dashboard to another. Which is working as expected.
But, at the target dashboard , the filters are having that of hierarchical order.
Due to which , the filters are throwing error as “Could not load data”.
Can you please guide me on this.

The custom code I am using is something as below a link at the source dashboard:

<a href="/'+appURL+'/'+targetApp+'?param.kpi='+value"> Target Dashboard </a>

In the target , the “kpi” filter has filter fields with values of reading_date,id.


@Deepika would need more details to help out.

  1. what version of arcadia are you using?
  2. which filters are causing problems?
  3. Ideally export of the source & target dashboards should help us reproduce what you are doing


Hi Shaun,

  1. Am using Arcadia 5.0 version.
  2. All the global filters with hierarchy at the top of the dashboards do create problem.

Eg: suppose there are 3 filters , filter1 - date, filter2 - kpi (with hierarchy from date filter), filter3 - kpi (without hierarchy) in target dashboard.

When navigating from source to target, with the params (date,kpi) passed as part of the URL.
The filters get populated based on the values being passed, except for filter 2.