Multiple measure line charts and approaches to scale axis, secondary axis, and trellising

Placing multiple measure/metrics on line chart is a good way to show correlation across multiple variables.

Here are a few ways to do multi metric trending in Arcadia:

Dual Axis

Is a great way to compare two metrics is to use secondary axis on your measures.


Using small multiples of the same chart with each one showing one metric. This allows you to show many measure with their own axis.
This can be achieved by placing the measure all on the Y-axis shelf as shown below. To get independent y-axis across the charts there’s a setting that can be turned on as well.

Remove y-axis scale

In case you are inclined to place all the measures on a single chart, but want all of them to scale the full range of the axis, you can disable the y-axis altogether.

A few options are needed as highlighted below:

@shaun thank you, this is helpful. Is there a way to have trellising with variable number of metrics controlled by a parameter?