Minimum Python versions for TLS v1.2

When using TLS/SSL with various Arcadia services (i.e. Arcadia Visualization Server, Arcadia Analytics Engine), etc. its important to note that at various points in the environment stack have to be aligned in their compatibility with newer versions of TLS.

By default Arcadia Visualization Server runs within its own virtual environment running Python 3.6+ which is compatible with later versions of TLS (i.e TLS v1.2).

However, the arcadia-shell used to connect via command line to the Arcadia Analytics Engine does not run within the same virtual environment and uses the native Python version on the server. Some older versions of Python are not compatible with TLS v1.2 so if you plan on setting your own TLS version (i.e. –ssl_minimum_version=tlsv1.2) or your own SSL ciphers, be cautious and make sure the environment and your dependencies are compatible or upgraded if necessary.