Metrics development in Arcadia

Can we implement a visualization which show change in status in a metrics.


image 11 High to High
2 High to Medium
13 High to Low
1 Medium to High
22 Medium to Medium
3 Medium to Low
31 Low to High
2 Low to Medium
3*3 Low to Low
.So on.

@rawadhwal how about using the correlation flow or correlation heat map?

A more traditional cross tab would work as well, and allow you to include row & column sub totals as shown here:

Hi @shaun,
This is how it looks when I use cross tab.

I want to see the change in status.

@rawadhwal it seems your table schema doesn’t lend itself to the analysis. I thought the transitions were recorded on the same row. But it seems it spans multiple rows in your data.

Ideally you pivot up the data, so on the same row you have the before & after states, that would allow you to cross tabulate the transitions.