Mapping Users to Arcadia Roles automatically using Groups from LDAP

Once you’ve configured LDAP authentication with Arcadia you have the option of automatically mapping users who login using their LDAP accounts to Roles in Arcadia based on their associated groups through a set very simple steps.

First, you should create the Role in Arcadia that best reflects the permissions you want to associated to your AD Group(s). In our example below, we have created effectively a view-only Role that will allow these users to View Dashboards created on any Dataset in Arcadia:

Next you can assign Group membership to this Role by clicking the “Members” tab, and then clicking “Edit Groups”

There will be an option to “Enter new group name”, and you will then add the exact name of your AD group (i.e. arcadia-view)

Once you’ve entered the new group name, you will then click the check box on the group name, and click “Add” and “Apply” which will effectively creating a mapping of this Role to your AD group.

Finally once your users associated to your AD group (i.e. arcadia-view) login next time, you’ll see that they’re properly mapped to the Role and will have permissions when they enter the Arcadia application automatically.

NOTE: Arcadia does Group lookups for each user upon login, and if a user has has been removed from an AD Group you should expect that user to also lose the permissions and membership to the associated Role in Arcadia.