Looking Filter Hiding

Hi Team,

For one of the dashboards, I am looking for the option to hide one of the filters in “View” Mode.

I have certain condition where for Filter-1 I have selected the value in Edit Mode and saved. This drop-down at all times will have only 1 value which is not static. Then, selected value is to be displayed as title in Filter-2. Thus, no need to display Filter-1 in “View Mode”. Can this be achieved with java-script? If yes, how to access Filter-1 in java-script?

Below is the java-script example to remove “0 error” pop-up from Arcadia in View Mode. I am looking for similar option for Filter-1 as well.

.view-mode span.viz-error-msg-wrapper.viz-error-page-wrapper {

display: none;


P.S : I am not looking for “Hide filter when no input data is present” under “Display Settings” of Configure Filter.

@PraveenJadhav you can use custom CSS as you mentioned to accomplish this.

Configure the the “Custom Style” of the filter you want to hide as shown below.

  1. specify a custom class (like “hide-filter”)
  2. Add CSS to set the display to none. You will have to use the “.view-mode” class selector to ensure this only applies in view mode of the dashboard (and not while editing).

View mode

The filter is hidden in view-only mode of the dashboard

Edit mode

As the author of the dashboard, you can still see and configure the filter as needed.


Thanks @shaun it works perfectly. Thank you so much:smiley:

Thanks Shaun. This works!!