Legend in Circle layer in Interactive map is cut


Legend in circle layer in interactive map is cut as shown below. Will there be a way to adjust this? And I am passing the parameter. I want to show alias instead of value. Can this be achievable?
Thank you very much.

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  1. What version of Arcadia are you using?
    In our latest GA version 4.4.x the legend should appear more properly:

  2. You can alias fields using the “field properties”. Watch this how-to video on the various configuration options:
    04 . Visual Configurations (Training)


our version is

Our field name is changing based on custom filter so name keeps changing based on selected KPI. If we can choose to show legend name for field.alias instead of field.value that can also shorten the name.
Thank you very much.

How is your custom filter setup? usually you can setup alias as well. Generally customer filter will send out two values:

  • param
  • param.alias


Then in you shelf expression you can use the following:

Here’s a walk video thru :