LDAP error : SERVER_DOWN({'desc': "Can't contact LDAP server", 'errno': 2, 'info': 'No such file or directory'},)

When setting up LDAP there are various settings that can lead to errors if misconfigured. If you are setting up LDAPS with certificates make sure you have the server address and certificate settings properly configured.

Here’s an example configuration snippet that would be included as part of the ArcViz settings file

# Connection options
AUTH_LDAP_SERVER_URI = "ldaps://xxx.com:3269"

# Some optional TLS/SSL options
ldap.OPT_X_TLS_CACERTFILE: "/etc/openldap/cacerts/xxx.pem",
# would need to include this if self-signed certificate

ldap.OPT_DEBUG_LEVEL: 1, # 0 to 255
ldap.OPT_REFERRALS: 0, # For Active Directory

2018-12-10 13:15:51,647 WARNING P1 12762 CP Server Thread-6 Caught LDAPError while authenticating shnawal: SERVER_DOWN({‘desc’: “Can’t contact LDAP server”, ‘errno’: 2, ‘info’: ‘No such file or directory’},)

Confirm that the cert is in the right path that’s in the LDAP config and also if it has the right permissions to be read by arcadia user

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