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Why are some labels missing, how can I force the labeling?

How can I reduce the padding in visuals?


What is the best workaround to create custom headers (e. g. for a category) - right now I am using a visual with HTML code. But again, a lot of padding and unused space:

If I use a sort order via tooltips (Define display order of elements of x Axis in Column Chart), the values are reversed. Fixing the colors will not help:



Thank you for the help!


1) Pie Labels

The labels in the pie chart are usually based on length of text and the available space in the color pie section. To create more space you can decrease empty space within the pie chart using the following setting:
That usually helps make the labels appear.

2) Spacing

Padding in the visuals we don’t have as much control over. You can decrease the horizontal / vertical spacing between visuals (margin spacing) in the dashboard setting to capture more layout area for the visuals.

3) Custom header visual

Here’s an example custom header visual you can create. We have also hidden the visual title through visual/dashboard settings

Here’s the HTML code we used for reference:

.kpi-back.arc-viz-container {
 background: #f9f9f9;
 font-size: 22px;
 color: rgb(75, 75, 75) !important;
 text-align: left;
 font-weight: bold;
 margin-top: -5px !important;
<div class='kpilabel'> Today's Txn Count </div>

The resulting visual has very little white space:

4) Sorting

Just to confirm I understand your quest is the sort order of the legend? that it’s always in alphabetic order (False first, then True) - correct?
That is the default behavior and there’s no out of the box setting to change.

Two options I see:


Thank you, shaun.

To 4)

I am using this to create a order:

case when [kpi] = “xxx” then 1 when [kpi] = “yyy” then 2 when [kpi] = “aaa” then 3 when [kpi] = “bbbbbb” then 4 when [kpi] = “ccc” then 5 when [kpi] = “dddd” then 6 when [kpi] = “eee” then 7 else 0 end as ‘KPI_Sortiert’

After that, the “True and False” order is reversed. I want to start with the “False” values and on top the “True” values. The little piece of code is changing the order:

@Georgio okay great that your ordering is now working in the legend.

Now to get the order to work in the stacked bars you want to use the tooltips as you tried earlier.

  1. Make sure to first order your X-axis

  2. Then duplicate the Color shelf element/expression and then sorted it in descending order. Screenshot below.

Notice if we flip the tooltip sort order to ascending the stack bar flip:

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Thank you Bro!!! Appreciate it