Just show the total count of a row - but download all data as a .csv

Hey Guys

In Arcadia, I want to show my VC just a number, like the total count of our customers for a region + I want for my visual consumers an option, to download the data in my dataset.

Background: My dataset has about 40 columns - I do not want to show them in my visual, because it has to many columns. I just want to show them the total count of customers - and enable the download of the data behind.

Is this possible?

@Georgio if you’re looking to show a single (or multiple) high level or total counts, I would suggest using the KPI visual:

Once you’ve added this visual you can also click on the visual to view “Detailed Data”, which will show you the records behind this KPI, which you can download:


By default the Download limit will reflect the KPI Visual limit of 5000 records, which you can override in the Visual by going to “Settings”, the “Data” tab and then adjusting the CSV download limit.


Thank you,
Tadd Wood

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Hi Tadd. Thank you for your suggestion. I had an idea to make it more user friendly. Table -> Create a new column “sum(x) over ()”. Only show one column, Limit 1. So the user can instantly download the data, without the show detailed data step.

Okay, one problem occurs: I get the data when I download it as a csv - I do not get the data (just the total number which is displayed) when I download it as an Excel. Arcadia 4.4

@Georgio are you clicking “Show Detailed Data” and the Download, or are you downloading the data some other way?

No, I am downloading the data via the little badget on the right top corner!

@Georgio ok you’ll need to download the data via “Show Detailed Data” when you click on the KPI. Otherwise the CSV download just shows the output of the aggregated result set from your query instead of the detailed rows.

Hi Tadd, not exactly true. When I have a table, with “Limit 1” and “Table Style Max # Column: 1” to show the total number, the CSV Download will download ALL the data like it should be.

When I download it via XLSX, just the column names are downloaded and the “total number” instead of all the data… but we need the xlsx download with all the data, like with the .csv

@Georgio the excel downloads are meant to reflect the structure that’s presented on screen with respect to Crosstab visuals. With table Visuals there’s a known bug in AE 4.5.x, 5.0.x that prevents the proper CSV download limits from applying to the Excel downloads (This has been fixed AE 5.1.x forward). For now using the CSV download is your best option if you need more history in your table and it will still import easily into Excel.

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