Is there a way to embed the most popular dashboards list into a dashboard

I would like to embed the most popular dashboards list on a dashboard. is this achievable?

@Abhijyot it could be possible to do this by creating a new connection into the Arcadia metastore from the Arcadia UI (how meta…), and then creating a new Dataset to tie together a few tables relationally that would give you the number of views by Dashboard ID (table: reports_reportusage), and the Dashboard name (table: reports_report) tied to the Dashboard ID.

SELECT t0.report_id, t0.count, t1.report_name
FROM arcadia.reports_reportusage t0
LEFT JOIN arcadia.reports_report t1
ON t0.report_id =
WHERE t1.report_type = "dashboard"
ORDER BY t0.count DESC

Before trying this I would make sure you’re not using the default SQLite database that ships with Arcadia and that you’ve migrated your Arcadia metadata onto MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres, Oracle, or Amazon RDS.

I would also make sure you are backing up the Arcadia metadata frequently to avoid issue if the data becomes corrupted. Backing up at least once a day is recommended, backing up more often doesn’t hurt though.