Is it possible to grey out dates that are not present in the data?

I want the date picker to show the dates for which data is present in bold or otherwise grey out the dates for which the data is not present. This makes it easy for the user to understand which date to select when looking at dates of the entire month. is it achievable ?

@Abhijyot this behavior happens by default in View mode of the Dashboard where the dates where data are present are shown in bold and the date range in the Date picker is restricted to the dates available in your Datasets. For example, this Dataset has data from Jan 2009 to Dec. 2012 and there’s no way to select dates outside of this range.

@taddwood @shaun I am talking about days with in the date range for which the data is present. Continuing on your example, lets say the data is present for the months between Jan 2009 to Dec 2012. As the date picker shows all the days for a month, User should be able to differentiate between the days for which the data is present and the days for which data is not. That is, if the data is present for the 1st, 2nd, and 30th day of a month, I want the user to know which dates he can select with in the month. Is this possible?

@Abhijyot from my understanding we do not grey out the intermediate dates.