Is it possible to create objects from the backend?

We currently have create multiple custom fields with formulas (and widgets, but let’s focus on fields for now) that we need to manually create via the UI in the Fields from the Dataset page.

Is there a way to create custom fields from the backend by inserting the JSON needed for it? If so, how? (for example, an UUID would need to be generated, etc)

The reason we are asking is because this will greatly improve the speed at which we build custom fields and widgets to place in dashboards.

Thank you in advance for the help.

Fernie - yes! we provide “admin” API to support modifying/creating objects likes datasets and connections (which automatically handles the creation of the internal IDs etc).

You can learn more here:

Start off by enabling a demo page through the visualization server UI following these instructions:

Then explore these examples:

Hope that helps, or if you have more questions.


You, my friend, are the man. :+1:t4:

I’ll take a look. Thank you!

Hi Shaun, to enable the Admin API, since we are not using Cloudera Manager, I was able to find a file called “” located at /opt/arcadia/lib/arcviz/arcweb with the lines 59 and 60 defining the ADMIN_API_* variables.

Would this be the file that I need to edit to enable the Admin API?
And I’m guessing this would require an Arcadia restart?

Thank you in advance.

@fernie Yes that’s the setting file you want to update.