Interactive map Circle layer 2000 data point limitation


In Arcadia Enterprise 4.4, I am trying to create a Interactive Map visual and color different segments using the Colors in the visual shelf along with the Circle Layer. However the Circle Layer has a limitation of being able to mark ONLY 2000 data points. Is there a way to overcome this limitation since my data has over 5000+ data points?

@sourav.ghoshray there’s a default query limit that applies to all visuals (see this post for more info). For table visuals, the limit is 100 to start, and for all other visuals its 5000, including the Interactive Map visual. The reason for these limits is that the more data you try to render in the browser, the slower the Dashboards will start to respond and ultimately create a bad experience for end users.

You can override this limit by going to the Settings menu, clicking the Data tab, and overriding the “Maximum number of rows to fetch” setting.



@taddwood You are right and I am aware of the 5000 record default set for most visuals. However it is not the same issue here - here there’s a different 2000 record limitation (over and above the usual 5000 record limitation) set for circle layer which is a mandatory condition to be used to get colors in an interactive map. So if you check the screenshot attached, I’ve provided the number of records as 100000 but still get that 2000 record limitation error and so basically end up getting no color. But if I set the limit to 2000, the map will yield the colors. So wanted a solution to overcome this issue

WITHOUT 2000 record limit

WITH 2000 record limit

@sourav.ghoshray that limit was lifted in later versions of Arcadia. Once you upgrade you shouldn’t have this issue.

@taddwood Could you please confirm the first Arcadia Enterprise version (post v4.4) where this issue has been dealt with?


@sourav.ghoshray this looks to be resolved in Arcadia 4.5.x and beyond.