Import reports/apps error

I have tried import arcardia apps(and dashboards).
Many times it shows error.
Error Performing the operation failed: Less ‘reports’
but at the end it did import.
Wondering what causes that and how to prevent it during export.
Thank you very much.

@Stima_Livingpresent a few screenshots of what you are seeing would be helpful and what version of Arcadia are you using?

Arcadia version is Arcadia Enterprise
Here is the capture.

During verfication: all green

After Accept and Import.

As informed, eventhough it shows fail, apps/dashboards are imported not sure what missing then.
Thank you very much.

@Stima_Livingpresent are you importing this dashboard from a different Arcadia environment, and if so, what version is that environment that you exported this dashboard from running on?

It has the same release in both and target system.

@Stima_Livingpresent what were the options you chose when you did the import? Can you take a screenshot?

Here it is.