I am working on getting confluent ksql installed

I am a DBA who wants to talk to Kafka via the arcadia instant right now, perhaps moving to full once evaluated for a while. I have downloaded the ksql from confluence as suggested, I am now just wondering what next…I am on windows, apparently it is ok, but I have to run the jar files manually…problem is WHICH jar files? I do not need a full local install, we have a functioning kafka cluster I can use for evaluation, so I would assume there is a subset of things to install…No satisfaction on the confluence site either. Can anyone lend a hand…?

@rdetwiler you’ll need to install and set up a KSQL Server in your Kafka environment if you plan to use your functioning Kafka cluster for evaluation. Otherwise its worth looking at maybe running the Docker Quickstart image of KSQL and then connecting that to Arcadia Instant.